Bomb The Sun Bomb The Sun

Thu 9th August 2007


Ok, massive apology to both Bomb the Sun and ninehertz as this EP has been sat next to my hi-fi for months - I actually started the review ages ago and then scrapped it, I can't even remember why now...

A lot of the demos etc I used to get from bands a while back would always say "influences = Black Sabbath and Orange Goblin" and I got a bit bored of it all: sub-standard pub rock labelled stoner or sludge, deluding themselves that they were, when actually they are just plain rubbish. Then all the stuff I got started saying "influenced by Isis and Neurosis" and again I got bored of it all. So it was with some intrigue I originally put this on considering it says Sabbath, Wizard and Kyuss in the brief promo/biog.

Thankfully Bomb the Sun are good, in fact they are really good. These 43:41 minutes split over 6 tracks are easily on par if not over shadowing what the Scandinavians are doing with their stoner scene at the moment. Bomb the Sun are from Wales by the way, Swansea to be specific, home of another good stoner band, Suns of Thunder. Oddly though the vocals remind me of early Dozer - they have the same tone and everything. Not that this is a bad thing, Dozer are head and shoulders above their fellow country men (yes I know Scandinavia isn't a country) while the band themselves sound more like they were recording B-sides for Kyuss when they were too monged out to do it them selves for the 'Sky Valley' sessions. Two of the tracks here weigh in at over 10 minutes each and instead of just playing the same thing over and over again as many bands are currently doing, substituting good song writing for "atmosphere", Bomb the Sun manage to hold your interest flipping from one feel to another mixing it all up.

I'd really like to see these guys live as I think their more laid back feel to the genre would be a perfect show closer, beer in hand and fist held high swaying to and fro. Maybe I should suggest a joint tour: Bomb the Su/ons ofThunder anyone?


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