Mac Blagick Mac Blagick

Wed 11th July 2007


/incoming/macblagick.jpgThis cd landed on the doorstep with me having no preconceptions having never heard a thing about this band before. Now after half a dozen spins of their debut it's fair to say Mac Blagick are well worth checking out if you you fancy some retro 60's/early 70's sounds spiced up with more than the usual predictable re-writes.

A more uptempo Witchcraft would be an easy comparison but the truth is there are probably more left turns contained in these 8 tracks. This isn't always for the best and sometimes the experiments don't work, the chorus of 'Lyin' King' stands out as exhibit A for instance. They do however ensure that there is never a second where you find yourself losing attention. How many albums can you say that about these days?

Stand out tracks 'Stars' and 'Good Morning Little School Girl' (complete with Robert Plant esque lyrics!) benefit from when the riffs and grooves are allowed to be served up a little straighter. That added to the quirky European accent on the impressive range of vocals which sometimes bring to mind anyone from Firebird to Khang (bonkers I know) definitely ensure you'll hit the play button again real soon.


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