Shit & Shine Cunts With Roses

Sat 16th June 2007

Matt D.

/incoming/shitandshine.jpgShit & Shine continue to preach their doctrine of 4 drummers, 2 bassists and one riff, this time from the crumbling pulpit of their South London rehearsal studio. 'Cunts with Roses' is a rare document of the Shit & Shine live experience, boasting one 28 minute long track.

From the outset, cascading waves of fuzz ridden bass collide with walls of unremitting drum battery. One single riff is hammered home with spiteful conviction, bolstered by swathes of noise and strangled vocal utterances. 'Cunts with Roses' spirals like a black hole, collapsing forever inwards on itself, almost choking on its own destructive forces. Countless iterations of the same unrelenting cycle spill from the speakers, constantly shifting and mutating like a serpent.

The band gleefully cannibalise their own creation, wilfully cutting and pasting pieces of the whole, only to further bastardise them with envelope filters and effects. Shit & Shine invoke the over-amped spirit of krautrock, ply it with alcohol and drugs, then leave it face down in the gutter drowning in its own piss.

Make no mistake, this is a vicious exercise in repetition.

Shit & Shine will leave you feeling dirty, violated and abused but you'll love every single minute of it. There's something undeniably primal about the music on display here, a raw untamed energy that you so rarely find in much of today's so called extreme music. This is perhaps the ultimate antidote to the current wave of clinical, pseudo-intellectual art metal.

With 'Cunts with Roses' Shit & Shine have further cemented their position as one of the UK's most cathartic and forceful acts.


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