Definition Of Ape Cdr #1

Mon 4th December 2006

tim among the missing

Question: what do robots do on their day off?

Answer: Become apes!

This demo from Definite Ape is the work of one Henry Monkey and Andy of Army of Flying Robots. In Robots it's fast paced hardcore brutality... The Ape is a totally different beast... slow paced drone/doom to crush your soul.

The sound of the first track starts slowly with scratches and clunks of a machine breaking down, as it builds the guitars rise up, and the whole crushing nearly 30 minute epic concludes in destroying style.

Next up a more rhythmic equally long (the whole demo is over an hour with only two tracks) piece. Still with eerie sounds climbing in and out every now and then.

This is basically one of the most crushing disturbing things I've heard in a long while and for that it's amazing. This type of music should never be easy listening. To top the whole package the demo is beautifully packaged with nice subtle Grymm artwork.

So there you go Robots like to make nasty noisy drone doom while pretending to be apes on their day off.


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