Fume A History Of Things To Come

Mon 25th September 2006


/incoming/fume.jpgThis is a monster, and not necessarily in a good way.

You know how, in cheap sci-fi films, usually involving people who are destined 20 years later to make a living playing faded alcoholic ex-sports stars in episodes of Perry Mason, they have monsters which could have been really good if it wasn't for the over-ambitious YTS effects boy who sticks one too many tentacles on? This album is like that. The basic idea is sound: solid riffs and drums, enough variation in speed and rhythm to stop it getting dull, and a few dangerous hints of rock. And then someone thought, 'I know - this'd look great with just one more tentacle coming out of its head'. That last, preposterous tentacle is the vocals. What the hell do these people think they are doing? You don't need 2 vocalists in any metal band, and you certainly don't need 2 this rubbish.

Someone hand me that bit of wood with a nail knocked through the end....


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