Bison Demo

Tue 5th September 2006


I quite like Bison. I have a soft spot for bands that use little snippets of audio from old fashioned public service type broadcasts of some idiot saying how sex/drugs/rock and roll (delete as appropriate) is destroying society. It makes me chortle. More than the audio interludes though, I really have a soft spot for bands that use bass heavy, dirge like, Melvinsy riffs. These guys remind me of a less frenetic, more growly Volt.

Scuzzy riffs with straight forwards drums, lots of crash hits and completely indecipherable vocals occasionally break into quieter passages with nice amounts of squealing feedback. The overall pace of the tracks is pretty slow but insistent and there is good use of changes in pace to keep you interested. There is no indication of track names on the demo packaging just the instruction "4 songs, play loud". I'd say that's all the information required.

The vocals can be a little annoying at times but overall this demo has a lot to recommend to fans of heavy riffing, slow moving music. Certainly one of the better examples of this type of thing I've heard recently. No frills, no pretensions, worth a listen.


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