Minsk Out Of A Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive

Tue 13th June 2006


/incoming/minsk-outofacentre.jpg As a fan of Buried At Sea, I was gutted when they split, and made up that Sanford had joined MINSK. Expecting more of the same, I ordered the CD "Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead nor Alive".

For anyone that's heard Buried At Sea's "Migration", this is not "Migration" vol. 2. MINSK were going strong as a band before the addition of Sanford Parker, and already had an identity and a sound, which has been reinforced by the addition of the aforementioned Mr Parker (who also produced this album, like "Migration" before it).

The best comparisons I can come up with would be ISIS and Neurosis, in the way that they intertwine the different sonic flavours of quiet, melodic bits over a heavy rhythm section, and nice melodic bits leading to soul crushingly heavy crescendo's, but the band add a darker flavour to the mix than the current output of the two aforementioned bands. Sort of how they used to be, but with their current level of musician-ship and song writing ability. If you liked Buried At Sea or ISIS and Neurosis, then you won't be disappointed with this album, which was probably my favourite release of 2005. Probably...


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