Mastodon Rock City, Nottingham, 06/12/2005

Thu 8th December 2005

Support from Bloodsimple, Withered


I'd had a few beers before going in to Rock City just to get warmed up and it was a good job I did because it was frickin' freezing in there for the first half hour. Someone should tell them it's winter outside. Anyway, we went in early to catch all the support bands.

Withered were up first and they fired out a good set, impressing the slowly growing crowd with their death/black/metalcore stylings. I find most of the bands on Lifeforce Records to be a bit samey and Withered are no surprise really. But they bang out a good technical set and it's enjoyable at least.

The new BloodSimple album didn't really impress me. I think, being a big Vision of Disorder fan my expectations may have been too high. They've been getting some good live write ups lately and are obviously enjoying every minute of this tour. They bound on stage, look full of energy and enthisiasm and don't stop for one moment. It's pretty impressive stuff live, both technical and hook laden. I may have to reinvestigate the album after such a stunning performance tonight.

Unfortunately, Matt Pike from High on Fire had injured his wrist and as a result they had to pull out of tonights gig. I'd really only gone to the show to see them so it was a little dissappointing but nevermind.

I've never got too into Mastodon but after a slow start tonight they really began to impress about half way through the set. The crowd were having a great time and every song met with roars of approval. They ended the night with an awesome Melvins cover which, made up a little for the lack of High on Fire.


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