Khanate Capture & Release

Tue 15th November 2005


/incoming/khanate.jpgFeaturing just two songs, but clocking in at over 40 minutes 'Capture & Release' is a rusted doom torture compressor. Stephen O Malley's guitars are instruments used to play some of the lowest and slowest music ever, they sound like they could expire from malnutrition at any moment.

This is where fear and agony meet; the powerfully strummed chords shatter the crescendos of silence whilst Alan Dubin's mortally wounded vocals convey the most genuine pain I've ever heard on record. Khanate's world is a barren landscape that is permanently shadowed by a black cloud of utter depression.

Seriously though, no amount of description can really convey how totally desolate and otherworldly Khanate's sound is. You have to experience it yourself, but be warned - you may be sucked into an internal vortex of self loathing and scarred landscapes.


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