Lazarus Blackstar Revelations

Thu 3rd November 2005


Having been a fan of Paul Catten's totally bleak and inspiring lyrics for a long time (I first saw him in Medulla Nocte ages ago supporting Entombed, who they blew away) I was looking forwards to this release. And it didn't disappoint!

'Revelation 1', the opening track, is a slow builder leading to the usual venting of fury by Mr. Catten with vocal power great enough to put many better known (but not better quality) artists to shame. As the CD progresses you notice this is a far from one dimensional offering - every song being a different approach to the same factor - fucking excellent heavy stuff!

Personnal favourite is 'The Tragedy of the Monochrome Man' whilst the last track 'I Bleed Black' couldnt be a better ending for an album of this power. Check it out!


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