Taint Escape, Swansea, 25/03/2005

Tue 29th March 2005

Support from Army of Flying Robots, Death of Her Money, Anti-Climax


NOW... I'm REALLY looking forward to the Peel all-dayer next weekend.

Swansea bands really do seem to fall into only two catergories:

1: fucking amazing.

2: fucking shocking.

Anti-Climax (boys, you have no idea...) are most definately the latter. Sorry boys, but I saw you guys a few years ago with Black Eye Riot when you were Hobgoblin peddling your rather listless brand of doom when you were, at worst, shit. Now I'd say you are, at best, formulaic. Thanks for coming out but one sentence was left ringing in the air as they walked off: 'by the numbers'.

Death of Her Money were up next who I'd not heard of before. Another swansea three piece and it was looking like it could suddenly all go a bit emo only for them to unleash a truly fantastic assault that didn't let up from start to finish. Think Johnny Truant but more rock n' roll/punker and you get the idea. Tight, intelligent and deserving of being big news in the near future. I, for one, will definitely be keeping an eye on these boys. Excellent.

Next up was first 'proper' band of the night Army of Flying Robots. The best way I can really describe it would be 'infuriating'. When they were persuing the grindcore end of their musical interests they were good, Pig Destroyer came to mind more than once, however at the exact point that you wanted them to hit the second distortion pedal and sludge it up a bit more they seemed to loose track of where they were heading and had a horrible tendency to slide strait out the other side into bad hardcore. Shame really, could have been something special.

Taint, on the other hand, were something VERY FUCKING SPECIAL.

Now, I admit that I'm biased as fuck on this subject cause I've been watching them play for years and absolutely love this band but it can't be denied that Jimbob et al were firing on all cylinders tonight. It's arguably the most focused I've seen them play since first premiering their new bassist nearly a year ago. Ferocious and exciting, you simply couldn't stand still. Jimbob's guitar continues to get better and better and with the help of a decent sound guy the band as a whole sounded heavier/fuller than they have since (original bassist) Stophe left. Finishing with the brain melting twin barrels of 'I Fulfill I' and 'Cours Et Conquistadors' they left to start their nationwide tour happy in the knowledge that the faithful back home were as happy as they could be. Amazing.

See you all in the big smoke for the Peel All-Dayer.


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