The River Oneiric Dirges In Mono

Tue 22nd March 2005

Leigh Blount

/incoming/River.jpgYou'd be forgiven for turning this off after a couple of minutes and thinking that you've just saved yourself from another Sunn/Earth replica, but after two minutes have past on the clock the vocals hit. Adding a new dimension to the sound and giving you the interest to stay on board and see where this is going. The female vocals accentuate grooves that drive this two-track demo along, forcing you into rethinking your first impressions.

The River have uncovered a refreshing new way to deliver what at first listen sounds like ideas coming from a well trodden path, but with the unexpected signature changes during songs and enigmatic lyrics this adds to the overall 'haunting' atmosphere the band promote and allows them to carve their own niche out.

This band could also appeal to fans of 'Angel and the Dark River' era My Dying Bride as well as the staple doom community.


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