The Final Sigh Legion Of Quitters/live

Sat 30th October 2004

Miguel Cerveza

/incoming/finals.jpgThe Final Sigh: good name or not? I can't decide. Anyway, they play a decidedly melodic strain of hardcore that is about as subtle as the genre allows, i.e. not very. Think paint stripping but decipherable lyrics, put to a mish-mash of stop-start guitar wizardry and you have what this band essentially sound like. The live CD clocks in at a quick ten minutes and three tracks of reasonable quality, tight-as-fuck rhythm section and interesting use of samples on the last track makes this patchy but enjoyable non-the-less. Think a band like Machine Head mixed with our very own UKHC and you'll have a fair idea of how this live effort sounds.

Much better, however, is their four track demo Legion Of Quitters, which features a crisp, but still harsh production job. First track 'Blood Into The Fire' starts off like Dillinger Escape Plan mixed with some unholy brand of death metal, before going into a style that is distinctly metalcore (terrible term I know, but its the best way to describe it). The vocals are so much more impressive on here that you wouldn't be surprised if this was Relapse Records fodder, such is the quality. Great stuff, investigate.


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