Lavos Demo

Sat 30th October 2004


Based in London, with the spirit of latter day US fuzz guitar bands such as Atomic Bitchwax and Fu Manchu clearly influencing their music, Lavos are an exciting proposition. This four track demo begins with a bang - 'So Thin' is a great fast-paced number, with lyrics you'll be singing out loud - the only slight negative being that it sounds a tad too much like Ed Mundell's aforementioned troupe's 'Shitkicker'.

After that the demo dips in entertainment somewhat. The two middle tracks - 'Addicted' and 'Chill' suffer from lack of quality vocals - his attempts at a back of the throat gravelly voiced howl seems forced - fine in the faster moments but here they are exposed, especially as they are high up in the mix. The demo ends on a high, however, with 'Crazy (The Speed Boy)' - sounding like Scissorfight with Scott Hill on lyric duties.

A decent demo book-ended with two very enjoyable tracks, Lavos show promise.


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