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Cricket - England vs South Africa

    •  PetePete
    • Any cricket fans on here?

      The woefully short three test series England vs South Africa starts today, which will effectively be a battle to see who's best in the world.

      I'm very excited - I just wish I had Sky Sports right now. I'm nervous too - I reckon SA have better individual bowlers (Steyn) and batters (Kallis, De Villiers, Amla) but we conversely have better bowling and batting units as a whole. We are much stronger with the wicket kepper and spinner though, so that might count in our favour.

      Predictions anyone? I'm always pessimistic so I'll say 2-0 SA - firt test a draw due to rain, 2nd test convincing SA victory, 3rd test won by SA as England risk it go chasing for the win.
    •  mambamamba
    • How's it going? I've not been near tinternet all day, although I could admittedly have a look now.

      Because we hardly ever play SA I don't really know just how good they are. I'm pretty confident though.

      I'm going to the Rose Bowl ODI next month with a couple of south Africans which should be good fun.
    •  PetePete
    • I'm on paternity leave, so am off work and have Test Match Special on my earphones. We're 200-2, so going well, especially as Strauss went 4th ball for a duck. Trott got 70 odd, Cook not out in the 90s. South Africa are individually probably the best in the world by some distance, but less than the sum of their parts, while England are more than, and therefore probably edge it.
    • I thought Sunday would be a good day. NOPE!

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