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BEAST AS GOD cassette

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      BEAST AS GOD is a new hardcore band from Nottingham. 4 tracks of dense and heavy metallic hardcore, ploughing similar sonic furrows to the likes of the brothers Melnick and Burdette, expanded with a slight psychedelic edge. Tight song writing with the perfect balance of chaos and precision, raging and atmospheric in equal measure. This recording also has a very hefty and clear production.

      Listen here:

      Edition of 100 pro-dubbed metallic red cassettes. Comes with a download coupon.

      £3 each + postage


      Here is an early review from


      I came across Beast As God via a link by a Facebook friend this morning. They appear to be a relatively new band based in Nottingham, England, with a line-up that includes members of the bands Moloch and Dead In the Woods (among others). They’ve recorded a four-song, self-titled debut EP that will be released on tape by Viral Age Records. But as of yesterday it has also become available as a digital download on Bandcamp.

      I initially intended to listen to only the first song, just to see what the music was like, but wound up charging through the entire EP. It completely floored me, in part because the production of the music gives it a massively heavy sound. To my ears, it’s a fusion of 90′s hardcore, crust, and old-school death metal, varying between gruesome, doomed crawls, unstoppable, turbocharged explosions of tank artillery, and pulverizing stomp-fests that will produce sore-neck syndrome. The drumming is riveting, the riffs are murderous and masterful, the vocalist howls like an enraged wolf, and the quasi-psychedelic guitar solo in the stunning closing track (“Eulogie”) is a thing of beauty all by itself.

      This EP is a huge surprise, and if there’s any justice in the world it should spread like wildfire.

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