•  HopkinsHopkins


      Black Veins
      … And Hell Followed

      1 - Nihilism 02:09
      2 - … And Hell Followed 02:24
      3 - Death Crown 02:50
      4 - The Harvest 01:34
      5 - Suffer 02:19

      Black Veins weigh in with 5 tracks of face-melting hardcore/grind that clocks in under 12 minutes. Influenced by the likes of Converge, Trap Them and Napalm Death, these guys sound like the much-missed Throats

      Recorded with Jonny Hands at FlatOut Studios, this EP comes in a hand crafted sleeve, booklet and lyric insert. Artwork by Bite Radius Designs and packaging by ACDSleeve, this release is limited to 100 copies

      Head over to Bandcamp to hear 2 songs, and pre-order now with an immediate download code. CD and T-shirt deals available
    •  GrymGrym
    • Preordered the full shebang, disc, patch and (double fat bastard) shirt. Bring it on!
    •  bad admiralbad admiral
    • me likee black veins - class act.
    •  GrymGrym
    • Get's my seal of approval. Blistering stuff.

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