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    • Not been on here for a while. Alright guys?

      So, there's been a bit of activity since last I was on:

      Nadja/Black Boned Angel - 'Christ Send Light' LP

      Canadian and New Zealand doom/drone heavyweights respectively collaborate on this stunning record. The CD version sold out in 2 weeks. This LP is limited to 750 and is a one time pressing. Black heavyweight 12". Acid etch on Side B. Amazing 21 minute track.

      Flatlands - 'Black Sluice' CD

      Lincolnshire's finest unleash their debut album. You all know these boys, but if you haven't got your mitts on this then - a) shame on you, and b) redeem yourself, and get it now! Huge progression from their 'Vermuyden' EP.

      So Is The Tongue - 'Torpid & Blight' CD

      Amazing concoction of a release. Disparate elements somehow melded together seamlessly. If you're a fan of early Kayo Dot and Glassjaw at their prime... Imagine them in bed - So Is The Tongue is their spawn. Packaged in the now 'classic' SD package of a 4-panel digipak.

      It's A Lunken - 'It's A Lunken' CD (pre-order)

      Twelve tracks of caustic noise meets suicidally doomed out guitars and harsh desolate atmospheres. The soundtrack to a cursed horror movie... or something like that. Nasty, vicious release. One of the heaviest things I really can think of out there. Think Khanate gone even more wrong?!?! I really cannot recommend this enough. A UK act that really should gather momentum after this is released. Cool release with a unique film slide packaged with each copy (don't ask - mental!).

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