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Feast of Tentacles Update - Thou, Moloch etc

    •  feastoftentaclesfeastoftentacles
    • A few things are coming up... of which you may be interested

      THOU - ’Malfeasance / Retribution’ 10 Inch is being sent to press tomorrow. Hopefully this will be ready by June. This is a split release with Rimbaud records (ire) - check this band out - thy're from Louisiana, USA. They're Tyrant LP is to be repressed by Southern Lord. This is a split release between Feast of Tentacles and Rimbaud - -

      MOLOCH - have just recorded 4 songs for a 10" / 12". This will be a split release with shifty records ( Gnarly primal sludge from Army of Flying Robots and Braindead dudes -
      This is being mixed as we speak and hopefully will be out June time.

      After that there's

      Rot in Hell / the Process 7"
      Braindead / Mob rules 7"
      Thou / Moloch LP

      Buy stuff from my distro to fund these shits... here - … =387058738

    •  CareyCarey
    • oooh, moloch.
    •  ChestRockwell666ChestRockwell666
    • Moloch are one of the best, most smoothly awesome bands I've herad in ages. tasty like Buried at Sea and Yob. I can only hope a full album has enough skull crushing grindoom as well variety to keep the heavy bits slamming.

      (excuse me i've been doing cd reviews, heh)

      seriously tho. fuckin good band. come to wales!!

    • Thou are fucking awesome as well- absolute filth!!!
    •  feastoftentaclesfeastoftentacles
    • Cheers chesty - you are too kind. Get Moloch on in wales sometime!! (with the keep)

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