Black Sky Giant Orbiter

Mon 31st August 2020


/incoming/bsgorbi.jpg"A psychedelic journey through the black sky." The self-description provided by Black Sky Giant is an apt preview of what you are about to experience, so succinct it is only worth elaborating on here to express the quality held within.

Destination Space, so befitting a title for the opening track, immediately conjures thoughts of Farflung or 35007, with the retro-space travel thematics of Yuri Gagarin. It is psych floated stoner rock driven through on the astral breeze, instrumental fuzz gathered from across the cosmos, daubed with a light touch, the experience thus refreshing.

Probe from Andromeda has a definite mind-altered, chilled-out stoner rock feel, that of the Elektrohasch stable, the warm summer glow of Colour Haze, and Black Sky Giant's countrymen Los Natas, further evidence of the rich vein of psychedelic stoner expertise emanating from Argentina. It sits perfectly with the sci-fi samples, which nestle comfortably within the fabric, never too central to dominate and subconsciously acting as cover for the lack of vocals, in the same manner Vinnum Sabbathi do so well.

They explore the full range of the style across the remainder of the album. A Man from Planet X has a more upbeat tempo, like a loose and easy-going Nebula warm up jam, while the title track's short and minimal approach allows for gentle relaxation, portraying a band fully invested in the leitmotif. The Phobos Rider kaleidoscopes away via synthesised effects, a full prog adventure through nebulous emission clouds.

The song and album titles, artwork, band name, samples and musical aura combine to provide this singular concept. It isn't a new one, but Black Sky Giant's faithfulness and commitment to it shine through, and ultimately prevail through the quality of the music, always intriguing, often sumptuous.


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