ninehertz Podcast 85

Sat 4th July 2020


/incoming/larespod.jpgIt's episode 85 in all its glory coming at you all 3D! We've got Big News and the party boat is here. Points if anyone gets these references.

As usual, Pete and Mike bring you 9 tracks of excellent noise that we've found this week. Check out the below for tracklisting:

Lares - It Burns

Monnier - EP2 Preview

Adzes - No One Wants To Talk About It

Bad Blood Recovery - Sweet Taste

Cyttorak - Athena Dragged To Fiery Depths

Neptunian Maximalism - To The Earth: Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO 大威徳明王 "童 - L'Impact De Théia durant l’Éon Hadéen

Circle of Sighs - Hold Me Lucifer

Primitive Man - The Lifer

Power Plant - Apollo 420

ninehertz · 85 - New Release


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