ninehertz Podcast 81

Fri 5th June 2020


/incoming/dsspodca.jpgHey hey, we're into another week of AWESOME music. It's also the second Bandcamp 0% fee day, so if you dig any of the tracks we play this week, then buy today (Friday 5th) as 100% of the proceeds go to the artists.

As a bonus, many of the bands you will give to today will also be supporting the current efforts of the BLM movement and will be contributing to the various causes that need help right now to make an impact in the fight against black oppression and racism.

The tracks this week are...

Mrs Piss - You Took Everything (Sargent House and Chelsea Wolfe)

Рожь - Пасха (

Deadly Sin Sloth - Life Support

Zeami -帰郷 (

Geezer - Dig

Dearthworms - Cheetos Man (Hatch)

Throth - Malice In Wonderland (

Warrior Pope - Embrace Mortality

KIP - #2 (via מאשין מיו-יק - Machine Music)

ninehertz · 81 - New Release


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