ninehertz Podcast 60

Wed 6th November 2019


/incoming/takastrang.jpgIt's new release time again folks, we have some incredible grindcore, death metal and more on this week's edition.

Mike and Pete talk through nine of the best new tracks they've found in the last two weeks and tell you where to get your hands on it.

This week's tracks are:

Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight - Evil

Takafumi Matsubara - Halo of Lies

Queen Elephantine - Mars

Saint Vermin - Vermin Season

Meth Fetish - Blinded To The Suffering

Dawn Ray'd - Like Smoke Into Fog

Golden Core - Fimbultyr

Diploid - Homicidal Art

Teitanblood - Leprous Fire


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