Electric Citizen Helltown

Thu 11th October 2018


/incoming/eleccihell.jpgElectric Citizen truly electrified with their debut Sateen back in 2014, and while I was left a little cold by their Higher Time follow up, I welcome their return, and the 70s haze cloud that follows.

Proof of why is evident from the off, the excellent Heart Attack a retro rhythmical slice of joy, a tone to take you back, vocals perfect, the flight of Led Zeppelin, riding upon the backs of Budgie.

You can imagine how this goes, a lot of last couple of Ozzy album Sabbathisms, but there’s a charm that elevates EC above much of the same from many of their peers. Where others rely on occultisms in their revery, there’s less of that here, so much so that when they even approach such matter, on Father Time it only serves to display how much they differ in the main.

There is a fair percentage that doesn’t hit any particular heights, if we’re being honest, but even then it all floats on a current of cool that you happily withstand even in the lesser moments.

And when you’re admiring the Joan Jett attitude rock of the last couple of tracks, or dancing to the Thin Lizzy meets first album Iron Maiden rush of the nifty Ripper, it matters even less. This is a fine record.


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