Caveman Cult Supremacía Primordial

Thu 23rd August 2018


/incoming/caveman.jpgSometimes you need a blasting, horrible release like this to remind you how brutal metal can be.

These Floridians have the right idea by calling this 'war metal'. The name, combined with the simple spiked club artwork set the scene, but it's the music that gets the point across. This 10" could well be the jolt many people need in their lives, it's uncompromising and belongs in stinking clubs, squats and muscle gyms.

A fan of theirs on Bandcamp has stated this is 'obnoxious, vicious and not for wimps'. We'd be inclined to agree. The pounding, not quite blastbeat approach to percussion gives it a machine-gun like touch and the squealing, high-pitched solos seem to be wrestled out of the guitars. Fire, fury and thoroughly unpleasant vibes are all here, present and correct and you really don't get the time to pause between songs.

Songs like Legions of Black Vomit exists simply as reminders that we are lucky not to be in countries ravaged by war, bombs and bullets flying. This is the music that will be blasting out of dusty transistors when the inevitable Boris Johnson-sponsored end times come. When we're trading scraps of metal for food and water and when the sun is blotted out with smog, Caveman Cult will be our new normal. Makes you shudder to think, doesn't it?


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