Herd Mover Vol. 3: Section 59

Wed 18th July 2018


/incoming/HerdSect.jpgHerd Mover are just the tonic. The sweaty summer drain of energy needs something to perk up the long and bright evenings as the day's slog melts you into your chair, lethargicly passing time before the stickiness recedes enough to contemplate sleep. One listen to Vol. 3: Section 59 and I'm up, awake and alive.

This is south coast thrashy hardcore noise rock and grind, from the same underground dirt-layered playing fields of Ona Snop, Brianblessed, Meadows and Let It Die. It is full of vigor and life and riffs. The brilliant Bilious Stare sprints from the off, shreiky riff mania, before slowing to add weight, billowing out for a blow out ending that'll have one hand finger wagging and the other clawed aloft.

Extendo: grindgrindgrind nah nah nah nah, "bastard!" "fuck you!" I've given up reviewing and am just annotating the wall of noise, as it's hard not to be taken along on the wave. Riffriffriff, mosh, bang head "fuck you!" "fuck me!"

There are moments of the pure-mosh theory of Send More Paramedics in Bin Raider and there's a satisfying Pig Destroyer approach throughout, perhaps most noticeably on Twelve. Which leaves Fence Banger, which really elevates them above the herd - there's something of a melody underneath - indie, hardcore, almost surf rock, fast and frenetic overlay. This is fun - hard to describe it any other way.

Furious and straight forward, yes, yet joyous with it and with that inescapably simple yet elusive trait - great tracks - Herd Mover have created the spark to the summer.


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