Beg Beg

Fri 27th January 2017


/incoming/beg.jpgLike pairing a lovely Burgundy with some baked camembert, Beg have come together to mash Art Of Burning Water with The Afternoon Gentlemen to create a taste sensation. Except that sensation is gritty, grimy and feels like being shoved under a train.

Grind, by it's very nature is quick, but this is crazy. Like you'd expect, Geith (AoBW screecher/guitarist) and Smith (AG drummer) create a suitably horrid concoction here with vocalist Ed, fusing the ripping sound both those bands have into one, bite-sized whole. There's no fear of pausing for reflection here, it's loud, brash and primitive. It's not unlike late 90s Relapse Records stuff, all precision-pointed blasts of heaviness broken up by blunt force trauma sections of chugging, all relentlessly gripping.

While we're talking about this band, similarly harrowing is their debut here. Listen to both, freak out. Whatever.


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