East Sherman Desertification

Wed 14th December 2016


/incoming/eastdesert.jpgA demo happened upon are often the most exciting of finds. East Sherman, from the state of Washington, are such a treasure chest, their three track Desertification streaming on bandcamp. The sound is, shall we say, base - really raw, like it has been recorded live at a late night in the 1in12 Club.

The dual vocal, punk fuelled spite of This Was Not Progress extends that spirit, but the thickly tarred guitar sound hints at a doomier game, one exposed to the full as the bombardment of ugly riff blowout darkens the mood. Bury Your Head is heavier and slower, the shrieked vocals exposing a sludge advocate. A grindy thrash moves things along in the mid-section, towards the rapturous ending - a glorious, grime surge. The title track closes, lurching between black-infested hardcore and crusty abandon. It dims to near pitch-black bare doom, winding down over the course of several minutes.

The crude production of this release only adds to the appeal, a rough as fuck reminder of the best practice room gigs you've ever attended, encapsulating a maelstrom of genres - crust, doom, hardcore and more. Remember picking up demo CDRs or tapes at gigs, and listening over and over again for weeks after? This is in that vein. Tabs on the future of this band are essential, a full album, hopefully not too anaesthetised, will be something to behold.


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