Ape Unit TURD

Sat 18th July 2015


/incoming/apeturd.jpgSometimes you just need the kind of molten enema that this kind of music provides. The band is Ape Unit, the album title is TURD, is there a lot more to say?

Yep! Here goes! If you're familiar with Leeds' finest The Afternoon Gentlemen, these seem to be their silly Italian cousins. The song titles range from the impish (Mullet For My Valentine) to the baffling (Don't Touch The Forbidden Congas).

It's all delivered with a racing, heart-stopping ferocity that you'll love if stupid grinding and chugging is your bag, but it stays brutal rather than jokey most of the time. Some of it is very Brutal Truth, all slack-jawed, backwards baseball cap and jean shorts, at the other end its quite metallic, the predominant bass sound bursts forth over most of it, keeping it from being a tinny or chuggy mess.

There's some strange lyrics there in the liner notes, kind of half musings on celebrities and the like but what did you expect? This is pretty feral, but keeps itself balanced from being overly po-faced and laughable to just plain dumb. Ape Unit, this is over too fast, 20 songs next time please.


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