Moon Coven Haramukh High / Master Of The Sky

Sun 23rd November 2014


/incoming/mooncov.jpgMoon Coven return, around a year on from their impressive debut comes this two track only release, presumably (and hopefully) a stop gap to a lengthier offering.

All the attributes that marked their Amanita Kingdom full length are in evidence once again. Harmukh High allies heavy riffs to spectral vocals; the term 'heavy psych' can be used for anything approaching stoner or doom but it becomes a specifically apt descriptor of Moon Coven, the trippy and the bold merged throughout.

Master of the Sky is even better, showcasing their other entrancing characteristic, that of the spell-blinding repetition of riff, like a hypnotist using a clock as a pendulum across your field of vision, back and forth, back and forth, you're feeling sleepy... It works, as you lose yourself to this stoner rock wonder into psychedelic hinterlands of your mind.

The Swedes' next album, whenever it shall arrive, will be amazing, of that I'm sure. Until then, follow the bandcamp link below to the name your price download, and get stuck in.


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