The Bucky Rage Under the Underground

Fri 31st October 2014


/incoming/buckyunder.jpgThe Bucky Rage are a party band, there's no getting away from that. We've enjoyed their previous release Cut 'Em Down but they seem to have injected an even bigger speedball approach than before.

Under The Underground sounds like a drunken punk show held at an after party at a circus. Their sound this time is bolstered with underlying keyboards, lending it a detached feel that does them so many favours.

But wait, Desperate and Dangerous sounds like The Kinks gone scuzz, right down to the needle-in-the-red vocals erupting into screeches now and again. You can almost see the cheap suits being introduced, combined with their now trademarked luchadore wrestling masks proving a hit at late-night shows in dark and dingy bars.

The raiding of their parents' collective record collections continues in earnest, the electrifying Sofa Surfin' sounding like a Glaswegian take on the Beach Boys. You can almost see the girls in miniskirts doing the old 'holding their nose and plunging dance' to this.

The songs pass by incredibly fast, so when they take it down a notch briefly for O Ragin' Sea its a welcome respite. It's a lament of a sailor away from his live for too long that adopts an almost folkish tinge under the pure party.

This is such a fantastically fun record that it should come with a paper hat, lolly pop and one of those sliding whistles. The Bucky Rage have proved their party worth here, take a listen, it'd be criminal not to.


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