Workin' Man Noise Unit Yellow Mind 7"

Sun 9th March 2014


/incoming/yellowmind.jpgWMNU must really want me to say some words about this as they've sent me this twice now, if anyone wants a free copy of the wax, you can have it (spreading the... love?)

It's business as unusual again with these Reading chaps, loud, chaotic and this time with what seems like even more electronics sounding like piled-high junk shop crockery being smashed into dust. The guitars thrash and burn like they are being played for the last time and you eventually enter a vortex of brilliant wavering noise while they do a Fu Manchu on downers impression in the background.

Reference points musically this time are indeed stoner rock, but the chorus to the title track is pure 80s glam worship. None of it however sounds tongue in cheek, feeling it not fighting it, nice. It's a soundtrack for a puke party for sure.

Elsewhere the b-sides are of equal skronky noise via desert rock. If they've been listening to mid-90s Man's Ruin compilations instead of The Stooges this time, it shows.

Hunch has shades of Blues For The Red Sun gone wrong about it, the only difference is the hissing electronic mess at the end as it reluctantly dies.

Rat Poison is garage rock if the garage was located on a post apocalyptic industrial estate, populated by scabby rats bigger than men who want to hear some stomping rock and roll played quickly through broken amps with an old telly being flicked through in the background. If you've never heard this band before, keep it that way, I think they may be catching.

You can buy it here from Blow The Reactors.


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