Throat Manhole

Tue 11th June 2013


/incoming/cover (640x636).jpgThroat are from Turku, Finland and bear no relation to the band that used to support Clutch in the late 90s.

But, dear reader, do not be alarmed! Within lies a stunning sludge-esque beast that has been around since 2009 and harbours a chugging, unhinged style that you'll love. Vocals sound a little manic and through half-screams, slurred spoken vocals and liberal sprinklings of feedback you can imagine this is a band not to come across down a dark alley, in a venue or just even in the coffee shop.

Manhole comes after a string of releases on 7", cassette tape and even a split with Black Sun last year. For some reference points, there's some elements of The Melvins in there, but also a rolling and slacker vibe that calls to mind the heavier elements of Oxbow, the vocals do a lot to bolster this, being as they are delivered in a focused, threatening drawl that evokes both intrigue and fear in equal measure.

There's also a hint of Shellac here in the precise percussion on offer, clinical and driving as it is. However the endless churning guitar torture eventually becomes a little repetitive, but you'll probably enjoy this band in small doses. Try putting on the full album on a long journey and I'm sure you'll find it flies by.


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