A-Sun Amissa You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less

Thu 11th April 2013


/incoming/asun.jpgThat moment when the sun cracks through your curtains. That little shaft of light becoming a fog light as you remember you were too exhausted to even close the blinds or curtains properly and that light is piercing its way into your skull as you try and sleep. Turn over, that light now warms the small of your back, and the warmth is comforting, you drift off back into the sleep of the truly tired.

This is just an approximation of the sounds present here, there's a thicker and heavier drone here than on previous releases but it's no less beautiful. A continual project that seems to arch long periods of time in order to have been made (this one took a year it seems), it shows off a sound that is both warm and inviting, but at times bristling and other-worldly. Tapping on the high end of a ropey-sounding piano while guitar drones swirl like an acid cloud above, there's much more going on here than you first suspect. Clarinet rings in and out and the melodies softly played creep in and out like unannounced players on a busy stage. It's almost like the equivalent of watching a wordless stage production with multiple characters that are never explained but bring with them a small, distinct personality, all while the light and colour remains the same.

The two parts on this release are some of the darker reaches of this collaborative project from Gizeh Records, but it is certainly one of the more exciting too.


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