Alright the Captain Conversation Skills For The Socially Anxious

Mon 25th March 2013


/incoming/Conversational skills for the socially anxious (566x800).jpgAlright The Captain have been all up in my peripheries for a good while now, their brand of instrumental, obtuse jabberings have always appealed but I think this may be the first time they have been submitted for review.

Whatever, diving in feels great. It's the musical equivalent of a drunk talking at you, yet making perfect sense. Guitars flail seemingly at first as wobbly, unfocused shapes before you realise it all makes perfect sense. Opener Bolognese Holiday is a wild and varied beast from the start, all fits and starts and a driven, metallic ending.

Electronics certainly play their part too, Snake Tits has some excellent squelching and this is just another element to their uncanny and warped suitcase full of ideas. Never really staying on the same track for long, AtC would be a shoe-in for a Peel Session if the great man was still alive, such is the invention on display. A circus-esque melody comes alive on Lynn Campion via the zany keys that baffles as well as raising a smile and there's countless moments where you almost have to listen again to work out where they have taken the music (often down long and winding roads to nowhere in particular). With some of it sounding like insane Italian noiseniks Zu, you could be forgiven in thinking this is Mike Patton material too, it has that unhinged, yet knowing element to it that's playful yet dangerous. I think there's even a dot matrix printer on one of the tracks squeaking away in a way that used to interrupt late 80s offices and classrooms in a way that nothing else does.

AtC are slightly mad. If I'm being honest, that's why I love them.


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    •  PetePete
    • "have been all up in my peripheries"

      Is that a Mighty Boosh quote?
    •  mikemike
    • Possibly, 2005 mate.