Corrupt Moral Altar Luciferian Deathcult

Fri 1st March 2013


/incoming/3099743215-1.jpgYou wake up and want to scream, another day another dollar. But wait, you don't care any more. Armed to the teeth and with improvised weapons you calmly complete your daily commute, then turn your workspace and colleagues into a deathly fireball.

That's the impression you get from Corrupt Moral Altar's opener on Luciferian Deathcult entitled Play Stupid Games and Win Stupid Prizes which I guess is about work or some sort of horrid motivational incentive scheme in some call centre. The lyrics are on a level with the fantastic Dystopia and has the same bleak message, work is horrible and why do we do it?

We gave their demo a review here not long ago and the excellent Stray Dog makes it to this debut EP in all its kicking, screaming glory as well as the rest of the tracks, but they are delivered with perhaps more speed and less gristle. That's not to say any of the unpleasantness is scant or missing. Indeed the vocals still strip paint and the only way to compare their screechiness is to compare it to the sound you get when you get an electric drill misfire and career across a wall, making that weird noise only high-rpm metal can make, seriously.

New tracks on here sound even more rage-filled and like pinpoint killing weaponry, the spittle-flecked Politics is a Bargain Between Beggars delivering more anti-thought police lines and pent-up aggro than most grind bands have in their discographies.

Flattening The Cultural Pyramid sounds like a plan to take exacting revenge on all you find in your way, like a bandana'd and bullet-belted vigilante fighting his own war. Lyrics like Now there’s nothing to defend, I can’t look the other way/Moving the pieces into place, moving them far away illustrate this perfectly.

As with my previous thoughts on their demo, this is grind with the brakes on, but with the lack of constant speed you can focus on the ugly features this genre harbours. Every sinew and hairy wart is on display, just try and keep still and they'll probably drive past. They won't bother you if you don't bother them.

Have the nasty men gone yet?


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    • Nice one Mike. Reviewed this on the Shaman myself, not normally a grind fan but really enjoyed this filth.