Gerda/Dead Like Me Me and Gerda Are Both Dead Like You split

Sat 22nd December 2012


/incoming/deadlikeyou.jpgThe feedback that greets the listener at the start of this 3 song split EP between French band Dead Like You and their Italian counterparts Gerda, makes you eagerly anticipate what lurks beneath, as you can feel yourself being dragged to something that you may not like.

It’s a blast of pure noise, that does actually hurt your head, not in a subtle way at all, but in a sledgehammer to the face kind of way.

They keep the songs nice and short, delivering precision beats and fairly intense riffs, all with a vocal lead, whose sole purpose is to maim the eardrums of the unsuspecting public that purchase it. By keeping the songs brief, all 3 songs only last under ten minutes, the listener doesn't get time to be bored and drift away to do something else, and I happily found myself playing the songs quite a bit to appreciate them.

The sonic blast of Chien de Nuit is a real grower of a song, and it’s taken a few listens for me to appreciate the complexities within the song. The low bass sound that cascades through the song, drives the audible assault further and it makes for quite a vicious song that makes you want more of the same.

The whole genre of mathcore or metalcore, whatever that hell that actually means, has generally passed me by over the years but this split has awakened my senses to what is out there, so I might see what else the genre has to offer.

(Feel free to suggest bands readers, but I'd recommend Water Torture for sheer blasts of genius- Ed)

Listen to the split here.


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