The Haxan Cloak Latitudes Session

Thu 12th July 2012


/incoming/haxan.jpgThe Haxan Cloak is a guy called Booby Krlic who has been making instrumental musings for quite a while now.

In this live session for the excellent Latitudes series (check it out if you haven't already, some of the most esoteric artists doing Peel-like sessions of awesomeness) he plays for around 27 minutes and the journey is immense.

Starting with some shapeless droning and subtle sounds making their way through to you from the other side of a field, or so it sounds, it suddenly becomes percussive at around the ten-minute mark. Developing this into glitchy electronica sections, Krlic curls this digital fug from the speakers with sharp, pointed barbs of blips and what sound like circuit-bent keys and gadgets. There's even some sweeping strings thrown in there for good measure and some alarming static crackles to keep you on your toes. Moving in swathes, the music almost moves in for a pincer-like attack, before walking off, only to pounce on you again later.

What sounds like an abandoned fairground crops up too, with pipes and electronic bluster rounding things off, a repetitive wave of looped nothings also keeps it company until it descends, lullaby-like into sleep.

The Haxan Cloak must be like a religious experience live if this is what the guy can produce for a session, truly uplifting.


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