At Devil Dirt Chapter II

Mon 25th June 2012


/incoming/atdevildirt.jpgAt Devil Dirt are a Chilean stoner rock band who love their fuzz.

Resplendent with harmonica, guitars set to 'bomb' and with some interesting vocal techniques, its a bit of a romp this album. The harmonica gives it an obvious Sabbathian feel, but the band has more in common with bands like Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra or traditional Euro-stoner stuff like Dozer and the stuff they release in droves on labels like Meteor City.

The vocals are a little whiny and both vocalists have a slightly high-pitched warble that suits the music down to the ground. Tracks rumble along in a mid-paced, jaunty way that can remind you of the more pedestrian elements of Kyuss, you know, the sections that feel like you are longboarding along a promenade as the sun goes down.

The only problem is that the band have recorded what seems like the same dsong about eleven times. The staccato sections give way to more openly-strum sections with such regularity, it may as well be one long track. That said, it's a good track, it's fun in a simple way but you'll possibly get a little bored by around the halfway point. The vocals can start to grate as they don't seem to change all that much and the lyrics make very little sense. As I've laboured before, bands don't need to sing in English if they don't speak it very well, the world is crying out for more unique bands, sing in your own language and be proud. I'd rather have heard some exotic tongue on this rather than questionable grammar and nonsensical sentence structures (again).

Investigate here, but be aware you may have heard this kind of thing before...


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