Junkie Kut T.H.E.Y

Sat 24th March 2012


/incoming/they.jpgI'm not sure what to make of this, either admiration or just the ultimate facepalm.

Junkie Kut (just typing that kerrazy spelling is diffcult) is a one-man tantrum. It's what happens if you combine the sonic irritation of gabba with hardcore punk and a hammy cockney accent.

Coming across like a more organic Prodigy and the more listenable sides of Atari Teenage Riot, the delivery is like a jackhammer and is well produced, but is like a digital smear, samples and synth action are put in a 56k modem-like blender to create this swirling dervish that is both chaotic and unpleasant. The constant gabba influence starts to grate early on, it's certainly only for people who like this genre with some devotion, the vocals are like a petulant child who has just learnt how to use a loud-haler and the only breaks are dance-music like stabs of atmospheric keys.

Live I imagine this takes on an even more forceful presence, but the lyrics undermine any serious point Mr Kut is trying to make, 'Now you're trying to program each pixel in our picture' smacks of the youthful naivety of nu-metal and could easily be compared to stuff like Pitchshifter circa 1998. There's more that can be done with this sound, constantly devolving into that same machine-like thud of shizoid gabba might do it for some, but this is hard going and soon you'll be reaching for the volume.

A great paen to frustration and a dystopian future, but it's an old idea that has possibly been done better before around a decade ago.


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