Tiger Warsaw III

Sun 13th February 2011


/incoming/tigerwarsaw-III-250.jpgTiger Warsaw are the tits. They really are. Someone needs to sign them and put them on tour, this is their third self-recorded, self-released collection of songs and it could well be their best.

With unfathomably vague song titles as usual (top marks Dean for the succinct You Ruined My Life You Fucking Bitch) Tiger Warsaw show how inventive they can be.

With new guitarist ADAM TREVERTON (formerly of dullards FLATLANDS) they have an extra weight to their sound, while that may translate better live, it makes a difference to the songs on show here, Tev's bass sounds incredible on here, almost cutting through everything, nice.

If you've caught them live recently, alot of the material here has been played for a while, but sounds mighty here, some parts have an almost country-like drunken swagger to them (see end of closing track Nailed It for proof).

The vocals again blend into the background, Dean's whispers and grumbles sounding very council estate paedophile at times, and a full animal howl at others.

This is music for trucking I reckon, you can listen to it at or ask for a lovely handmade CDR dealy, either way, listen.

Their drummer is called Dave.


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    •  BenBen
    • Add your comments here!
    •  MazzMazz
    • More reviews need to start thus..

      "band X are the tits".
    •  Rob HimselfRob Himself
    • Didn't know t'Adam was in them. Good effort.
    •  levelessleveless
    • for a limted time, its up for a free download, please spread word if you like it. Trying to get some shows and what not, will prob be some demos an that goin up on our website. so please have a look if ya got 5...... in the meantime-----> advice for when at weddings........ DONT DRINK FROM THE POND
    •  GarethGareth
    • I thought you spat the pond water into Tevs mouth?