El Hijo De Aurora Lemuria

Thu 17th December 2009


/incoming/elhijo200.jpgNo, ninehertz hasn't relocated to the Costa Del Sol, we just have a good few Spanish-related releases sitting in our review pile. Wish I'd paid more attention in GCSE Spanish now, I might know what the singers are going on about.

"But music is universal!" you scream, pointing at me with an accusatory glare.

Indeed it is, so here we go again.

El Hijo De Aurora (translation: Son Of The Dawn) are from Peru, where they speak Spanish (thanks Wikipedia) and play a very drawn-out version of stoner and doom, now according to Wikipedia, there are no deserts in Peru, however, there are plains, and this is where they must hone that stoner rock sound they have, listening to Kyuss and all sorts of 70s rock.

The stoner rock element only comes out now and again though, in brief bursts when the band are allowed to go for it, at other times a droning, atmospheric mode takes hold, using moogs, sampling, feedback and found sounds to make a really disjointed, but strangely satisfying album that is mixed and varied as all that suggests.

Liberal use of Hammond organ (or the Peruvian equivalent) to bulk up their classic rock and stoner rock cascades seem comical to begin with, but then this album is bonkers overall, so you can quite easily throw any questions over what this means out the window, you'll be glad to hear the currently unfashionable guitar solo appears frequently throughout, showing the bands blatant two fingers up to sensibilities.

They even have what sounds to these ears like a ballad.

If I listen to this music any longer, my head might explode, it's that mad.


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