Berserkowitz Gritfarm

Sat 28th February 2009


/incoming/gritfarm145.jpgGood old sludge, you know what you're getting with that, tar-like riffs, death march pace, blackened vocals and an air of menace. What helps though is the occasional shift in tempo, and for a brave, rolling riff to stick its head above the parapet.

Well, you'll be pleased to know that Rotherham bruisers Beserkowitz do all of the above, and then some. The title track kicks things off with some punishing riffs and rhythms, and vocals straight from Norway which are infinitely better than generic bearded man grunting. 'Skulldust' follows with one of those riffs that gets lodged in the frontal lobe, and brings to mind some of Charger's earlier works with good use of dynamics, and some great drumwork carrying the song along. 'The Bruiser' lives up to its name, with another mighty riff cranked out that makes you glad that all the good riffs in the world haven't been used up. Oh, wait a minute, they've found some good riffs to bring things to an end with closing track 'Bow St. Bastard' which is pure Eyehategod worship, and that is good worship in these eyes and ears.

Great riffs, great vocals, great sound, seriously worth checking out, and I hope that a full length follows soon.


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    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • Awesome, thanks for the review and the kind words Chris!
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • We still have some of these delicious Gritfarm discs left if anyone wants one.

      Visit our myspace, fork over 2 quids and it's yours.