Moloch Moloch

Tue 11th November 2008


/incoming/moloch145.jpgMoloch have been praised much on these pages, their stinking brand of New Orleans inspired sludge has caught the right aesthetics and nuances of the genre that so many of these bands miss to make them one of the UK's best hopes that sludge is very much alive.

On the heels of a well-received demo, the band have seen fit to release this four-track EP on us with more of the same.

But this time around the vocals are more scratched-blackboard and bad beer-soaked than before, the drums clatter with a honed, wild-eyed fervor and the guitar and bass sound even more unpleasant.

Slow and heavy is the order of the day, with some mid-paced freak-outs thrown in for good measure, the 12" version I'm listening to looks great too, the dead body and stolen typewriter theme continued from the demo looks even better on this format (although a CD version is also available).

Songs on offer here are satisfyingly unpleasant and the live-sounding production does them justice, the excellent Stuck On A Name studios capturing the filth in songs such as "Black Water" and "Repulsion" which threaten to spill out of the speakers with tar-black mess.

Fans of the band will relish the chance to hear these new tracks, especially on the excellently-packaged vinyl version but those who have even a passing interest in things feedback-soaked should invest some time getting to know this particular demon.


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    •  PetePete
    • Add your comments here!
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • Great EP. I was going to review this tomorrow if I had the time, but Mike just beat me to it.

      Anyway, go MOLOCH, the Great British sludge hope!
    •  mikemike
    • Been meaning to do it for ages, great record!

      I've also done Tim's new album and plan to do AOBK this week, I've been slack over the last few months.
    •  PetePete
    • Tino Insana says:
      the Great British sludge hope!

      one of the Great British hopes... (Agent Of The Morai, Berserkowitz...)
    •  Tino InsanaTino Insana
    • Fuck off;)

      Actually, Agent of the Morai do seriously kick it for me, as well as Lazarus Blackstar (if you can call them sludge, I dunno) are flying the flag.

      .. and getting nowhere near the credit they deserve.
    • Best sludge band in the UK I reckon.
    •  Matt_tgpgMatt_tgpg
    • mike says:
      I've also done Tim's new album and plan to do AOBK this week, I've been slack over the last few months.

      Cheers man, I think Podge is also on with the CLC demo. Good to see you at Hokaben!
    •  feastoftentaclesfeastoftentacles
    • cheers for the review mike

      we have the following stuff planned for 2009

      - rorschach cover - the clone comp (blindate records)
      - split 12" with Thou
      - 12" on Vendetta recs
      - demo - the stranglers comp (choking hazard recs - w/ atavist, austrasian goat and more)
      - split 12"/cd with Fistula.

      hopefully we're gonna play some dates with Thou and go on a mini Irish jaunt (poss with slomatics)

      so we're gonna be well busy!!