Fall of Efrafa Tharn

Sat 23rd August 2008


/incoming/fallofefrafatharn145.jpg'Tharn' (meaning 'fear') is a single-track remix release of 'Dominion Theology' taken from their latest album 'Elil', but feels more like a teaser for new material from Brighton's Fall of Efrafa.

Paper Aeroplane, the remix masters at work here have turned what is a harsh and bleak track and infused it with piano, cello and a sense of post-rock pleasantries.

Their wording of this in release material as a 're-imagining' of the track, although a stomach-churning term, in this case is accurate.

Taking sections of guitar and sections of the relentless heaviness and turning it into almost a soundtrack-like piece of music is a great way to manipulate and show off FoE's grandeur in a way they had obviously not thought of before.

Released on 300 one-sided LPs with a beautiful screen-printed b-side, this release is now actually sold out, which shows you how fast word travels on a fantastic band, do try and track it down though as it is fantastic.

Read a review of 'Elil' here.


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    •  Amy BAmy B
    • Add your comments here!
    •  slomoslomo

      SHAME ON THEM..................
    •  mikemike
    • It sold out on 300 preorders! (I think)
    •  ChrisSDChrisSD
    • Yup. In a week. However, as it was intended to be a pet project between the band and mates, as far as I know we're not going to repress.

      You can see a tantalizing picture here!
    •  paul gpaul g
    • Gutted I missed out on this, didn't think it would sell out that quick!
      Any chance of a yousendit or something of the like with the mp3s if there are no plans to repress it?
    •  ChrisSDChrisSD
    • Possibly mate - I don't know. I'll see what everyone thinks...
    •  alexefrafaalexefrafa
    • paper aeroplane are releasing their own version of this on CD, with some nice packaging that will reflect the Tharn LP release, should be out in a few months.
    •  mikemike
    • Great news!

      You guys should totally post here.
    •  At HomeAt Home
    • hello,

      Mike - thanks for your kind comments above.

      we certainly intend to re-issue Tharn on CD. we really want to give others, who were maybe not so quick off the mark the first time, a chance to get this track. plans are underway and as Alex said it may be a couple of months until release.

    •  At HomeAt Home
    • Tharn CD reissue now available via At Home. I hope you'll agree the packaging has come out a treat and very inkeeping with the original 12" pressing.