Danava Unonou

Mon 3rd March 2008

J Parker

 /incoming/davanaunonou.jpgDanava first came to my attention as the suspiciously obvious Kemado act on the Kemado compilation of post-stoner genius entitled 'Invaders' that came out in 2006. However any suspicions of a bit of a label leg-up are rendered a bit immaterial on about the second or third listen to this massive 70s wildebeest of an album.

It has quite a few self-conscious ingredients (fuzz tone, Hammond, proggy guitar lines) that scream "we are retro" at you on first listen, but pretty soon it all coalesces into a fabulous fuzz-pop whole and your cynicism disappears like smoke from a bit, fat spliff.

The album starts out with some fairly standard riffing, and the out-Ozzying whine of singer DUSTY SPARKLES and you think "I've heard this", but that soon becomes part of the charm, this just screams 'classic' at you, in a good way. By the time you get to the Zappa meets Beatles meets QOTSA of 'A High or a Low' half way through, with its sampled 70s telephone ring, you just have to smile.

This is one of the most fun albums you will ever hear.


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