Invasion Bodega, Nottingham, 27/01/2008

Wed 6th February 2008


It takes a lot for me to leave the comfort of my abode on a cold winter's Sunday evening to attend a gig. It's not that I have ridiculously high expectations, and would only do it to see the original line-up of Guns 'n' Roses reform, it's because I've become more discerning in my middle-age, and want something special.

Invasion definitely caught my ear when I heard them on Myspace over a year ago, a unique bassless power-trio who, in their own words, sound like "a space diva on acid fronting a young, stoned Metallica playing Sleep songs too fast (and too short)". This kind of thing does not work on paper, whoever came up with the idea for the band must have had one of those classic moments of explaining what they had in mind of "Guys, I've got this idea, it sounds crazy, but just listen and let me explain". So, when I found out they were making a rare trip out of that London to play this fair city, I had to attend.

Playing to a sparse crowd in an unfamiliar environment is the never the biggest motivator, but Invasion don't let this bother them and get down to business, opening with a swirl of psychedelic effects and kicking into 'Evil Forest'. The band somehow manage to cram stoner and thrash riffs, powerhouse drumming and a huge voice into two minute gems of songs. As each song is deployed and mercilessly dispensed with, you can tell that the people in the room are witnessing something quite special, shock and awe tactics indeed. One of the highlights of the set, is the title track of their forthcoming EP 'Moongazer' a 90-second stomp that has an insistent riff that rolls and is one hell of a catchy tune, before it ends in an orgy of feedback and more effects. Another memorable track had one of the best uses of cowbell ever, and we should all love a bit of cowbell, it was jaw-dropping stuff!

The set was short and to the point with no excess whatsoever, so it was well worth the venture. This band are definitely one to watch in 2008, so if you get a chance to check them out, then do it.


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