Glockenspiel Glockenspiel

Sun 5th August 2007

Tim Holehouse

/incoming/glock.jpgThis album is a lot more mellow than the EP of last year. It brings to mind the sounds of Stars of the Lid and La Bradford, two bands I adore - so this album was an absolute pleasure to listen to. 'Glockenspiel' glides along with beautiful ease and grace, with lovely drones and tones and the odd percussive cymbal.

The recording itself is so smooth that it really does gently ease around the ears like a sound track to an epic motion picture. You can almost see the river running through a massive valley and shots of empty streets at night. Like the best music of this sort like box head ensemble or some of the stronger releases on the kranky or constellation record roster.

Beautifully minimal building slowly and surly to each and every conclusion with guitars, FX and electronic tones each piece is as strong as the next. With such a strong body of work here this album is one of the best of its kind you are going to find this year.


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