Veee Deee Veee Deee Ep

Thu 12th July 2007

Tim Holehouse

From Tokyo, Japan, VEEE DEEE. Not a Japanese band you understand... But one British Chap on drums (Thomas) and a Canadian on guitar (Clay) although they both play more than these instruments with FX and electronics being utilized. In a time when it seems everything has been done this does sound refreshing.

Having taken in their surrounding and musical contemporises in Tokyo like Boredoms and ruins then mixed it with western hardcore punk styles Veee deee have melted... Noise and drone with hardcore and ambient textures. Songs skip from being hardcore ala Lightning Bolt (dare I even say it a touch of Black Flag/Fugazi even) to being ambient sound textures to straight out white noise. It's a breath taking ride. You're taken from what sounds like deer rutting with nuclear weapons one minute to the sound of a gentle ocean the next.

A truly inspiring first recording from a two piece who make the noise of an army. The CD also features amazing artwork and the best insert I've read in ages... a whole strange ramblings (akin to the ramblings of a lunatic in an asylum...). It completes the whole package off nicely.

Along with $un$hine republic, birds of delay and theusaisamonster and lightning bolt this band really are mothers of invention in the leftfield world of music innovation.


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