Lazarus Blackstar Lazarus Blackstar

Tue 5th September 2006


/incoming/blackstarsmall.gifLazarus Blackstar is the perfect release for the changing of the seasons. As the beach towels are folded for the last time, the familiar smell of sun cream and ice cream becomes a distant memory and while the trees lose their greenery, Calculon records make it all the more bleak with this concrete-like release. Forged from ex-members of Khang (an amazing band) coupled with the recognisable tones of Paul Catten (Murder One, Medulla Nocte, every UK band under the sun), this makes for an incredible combo.

This 7", on very attractive red and black marble splatter-effect vinyl is a brilliant follow up to the recent album 'Revelations', it sounds incredible and manages to squeeze two long dirges into its thick grooves.

A-side, 'Make Believe Master' is a triumph in slowed down, stripped-bare doom, the guitar tone is a trademark of theirs and fully vibrates its way into your psyche. Although Catten's half-screamed, half-moaned lyrics feature very high in the mix, and tend to be the main focus, they do not detract from a band hell-bent on denting your frontal lobes.

Even more slowness presides over the second side for the mental-asylum moan of 'The Anaesthetic Stopped Me Screaming' which drags and drags, but in the way you'd want music like this to. Go any slower next time lads, and you'll be falling asleep mid-riff!

This release is yet another masterstroke from Calculon Records, which is going international this year with releases from Church of Misery, Sourvein and many more. Essential listening, and on a UK label too, awesome!


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